Bulk Mailing & EDDM

Bulk Mailing is a highly cost effective ways to promote your business. Compared to email marketing, a well-designed bulk mailing piece is much more likely to be well received by your new customer when it is addressed to the right person. And unlike what you might think, the cost of bulk mailing is very affordable.

Many printers leave it up to the client to arrange their own mailing services. At Minuteman Press Kissimmee, we can provide lists as well as process your mailings.

With our barcode automation and carrier route level sortation, you can be sure you are getting the absolute lowest postage rates available on your mailing. In most cases, our service costs for processing the mail are more than offset by your increased postage savings. That means less headaches, faster turnaround and greater overall savings than trying to handle the mailing yourself!

We Are Data Experts!

Clean, solid data is necessary not only for cost savings, but for maximizing your direct mail return on investment. Our data specialists offer the latest in list hygiene and data conformity, including:

• CASS Processing
• NCOA (Real-time Move Updating)
• Merge/Purge
• Deduping
• Data Mining
• Advanced Sortation

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

MinuteMan Press Kissimmee & USPS Have Teamed Up To Make Direct Mail Economical, Fast & Easy

You Choose The Community You Want To Reach. WE DO IT ALL! Research, Design, Print & Deliver to USPS
• 17 cents Postage Per Piece • Reach Residents & Businesses
• No Postal Permit • Reach Only Residents
• No Mailing Lists • Saturate AN Entire Zip Code
• 200 Piece Minimum • Choose Specific Carrier Routes

No matter if you want to go Door to Door or go directly to the targets, we have a marketing solution for you. Ask us about how we can help you to organise your bulk mailing campaign to boost sales right away.

EDDM is a program from the USPS that is the easiest, most affordable way to use the mail to deliver a message. With EDDM you can target a specific area such as 34744, 34741 or any zip code or sub-sections.

1) There is no mailing list to buy. You pick an area like a zip code, an area around a certain address or a specific postal carrier route. Your mail piece gets delivered to every address or every door in that area.

2) The mail piece is big. At least 6-1/4"x11" but no larger than 12"x15". A great size to deliver a message! Your mailer will really stand out.

3) The cost is significantly less than traditional direct mail.

With EDDM target every address in a carrier route, group of carrier routes, zip code or a distance around an address.

Who should use EDDM?
Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) lets your business send promotional mail without having to buy and maintain a mailing list. As a result, it is less expensive to produce and less expensive to mail because the postage is far below the first class and even some bulk mail or standard rates.

EDDM can help businesses · Build More Traffic · Find New Customers · Increase Revenue

You can use EDDM for small local mailings or regional mailings throughout a zip code, town, county or even the entire nation.

Get Started with EDDM:.......Using the Every Door Direct Mail is an easy 4 step process.

1) Who do you want to reach?
You can mail all of Kissimmee or Orlando, target a neighborhood, that  is in a specific distance from your business. If you are targeting a specific area, we will help you identify which USPS routes match that area.

Contact Minuteman Press Kissimmee and we will be happy to help you navigate through the postal requirements and prepare all the necessary forms and postal statements.

2) Choose Your Printed Mail Piece Message Size.
What do you want to communicate on your mail piece? Do you want to advertise a sale, mail a coupon or let potential customers know you are there? Minuteman Press Kissimmee has a Graphics Design Department to help you produce it .

EDDM pieces have to be larger than 6-1/4"x11" but not larger than 12"x15"

Minuteman Press Kissimmee is here to help you figure out what size will work the best, along with figuring out what needs to go on the piece and even designing and printing it to get your message across.

3) Schedule Your Mailing
When do you want to mail your piece? Do you want to mail it more than once? To introduce your business to the community you may want to mail once a month. If you are having a sale, mail one or more times during the course of the sale. We are here to help you figure all of this out. We can also Print and prepare all your mailings at one time, which will save you money.

We can print then you can either mail your postcard by yourself using the USPS system or alternatively, we can print, prepare and deliver to the USPS EDDM mail for you. Our experts are the key to helping you successfully use this new program from the US Postal Service.

For ideas, information and anything else related to EDDM, just contact us. At Minuteman Press Kissimmee, we are here to help you succeed with all your print, web and direct mail marketing.