Xpress Ads - Every Door Mailing Program

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Reaching 10,000 households for one low cost! Minuteman XPress ADS© are a new, cost-effective way to promote your business.

The Xpress Ads is sent through Post Office to every household in a specific zip code. You can saturate your local areas with your marketing message. They are designed to help you to boost sales significantly within a short period of time.

So please come up with an appealing offer that we can send out to bring your sales!

The advantages of Xpress Ads:
• Goes into mailbox untabbed

• High quality full color Printing

• Oversized piece that stands out, size12 x 18",  folded into 9 x 12"

• People tend to keep it due to the quality of paper

• Everyone gets a front page

• No envelopes to rifle through

• Cost effective

• Printed on high-quality 100# gloss card stock

Your Advertising Investment:  about $310 each time, reaching 10000 households within a specific zip code.


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